Digital Goose
August 2020

How we used animation to give Digital Goose an updated design

A friend of ours from Digital Goose approached us to design them a new, unique website design with animation that works flawlessly on mobile.


Lottie Animation


Adobe After Effects Bodymovin plugin Photoshop

Result 1

Increase in time spent on page

Result 2

More contact inquiries Per Month

Project Overview

Digital goose was looking for an up to date design which included aspects of animation which works flawlessly on mobile devices.

They wanted their website to appeal to the Canadian market.

With our strong team of illustrators and animators we knew we could achieve this with the new Lottie platform using the bodymovin plugin on after effects.


After some brainstorming we thought that the mountains and forests and lakes are very "Canadian".

We came up with a header for their site where it pops up in sections. We incorporated geese to go with their brand. After a couple of revisions they approved our main header illustration.

They also wanted an animation that would work with their motto that they can "bring any idea to life".

We thought a good way to represent this would be to have the bear and scenery "sketched in", then have color added, have the bear come to life by walking and seasons changing as he does.


We think the results turned out fantastic.

Take a look below to see the final result.

The animations together turned out really great and we would love to hear your comments!

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