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Why exactly is Dental SEO important for your dental practice? Everything you need to regarding dentist SEO.

Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the backbone of any service that has an online presence. Whether you run a design business, a crafting studio or a dental practice, the relevant traffic you can get online all depends on a well-thought-out SEO strategy.

At Up Digital, we employ the best SEO practices to help bring more traffic to your website - if you don't have a website, we'll make you a great one! - and thus more conversions and more business for your dental practice.

Why exactly is SEO important for your dental practice?

The Importance Of SEO For Dentists

Why is Search Engine Optimization essential for your dental practice? For several very good reasons:

  • 70% of all people looking for a dentist will use the search results of a website. If you don't have a website or your website isn't placed at an ideal spot in the search results, you'll have much less traffic than say, if you were ranked on the first page of Google.
  • Why is being on the first page so important? About 90% of the people making a google search are not going beyond the first page. And websites will not rank on Google's first page without including some form of SEO good practices in their website.

Doing your own SEO is difficult. Check out Up Digital's Dental SEO Services.

4 Steps To A Great SEO Strategy For Dentists

Now you know why SEO is so important for your online presence, here are four main areas you might want to optimize and strengthen to do better than your competitors online.

Keyword Research

At its simplest, keyword research is important because it helps you find what exact terms your potential customer is 'typing into the search engine' when he wants to get some dental work done.

Keyword research is the first step to building a good SEO strategy and thus increasing your website traffic.

Ofcourse each keyword you use will have a solid strategy behind it, and certain keywords are basically your way of targeting certain types of traffic.

You'll also need to see which keywords your competitors are ranking for, which keywords are more competitive and which keywords are more valuable. Each metric will help you determine which keywords you should go for.

For example: The keywords 'teeth whitening dentist ' may have more search results but may be more difficult to rank for. The keywords 'teeth whitening treatment' may have lower search volume but may be easier to rank for as well.

Also as a general rule, short-tail keywords have more competition and are difficult to rank for, while long-tail, more specific keywords in relation to your target market are easier to rank for.

Which keywords you decide will depend on the type of customer profile you are going to target and where you could potentially rank on search engines.

Design A Beautiful, Optimized Dental Website

What does a website have to do with selling your dental services? Well, a website is the first 'point of contact' for any of your potential patients. It's a digital representation of your dental practice and it needs to be inviting, informative, and easy to navigate.

A well-designed website will help you stand out from the competition and attract new patients. It will also give you the platform you need to showcase your services, educate potential patients about dental health, and build trust with your audience.

The ‘review section’ on your website should be easy to find; according to a survey of 1500 Americans looking for a dentist, they placed the most importance on the dental practice ‘with the best reviews’ - and that is understandable - an individual will always seek the service that he knows will give him the best service.

More importantly, people searching for a dentist on Google will look for favorable reviews on Google before actually coming to your website. If you’ve checked off all the tickboxes for them before they come to your website (i.e user-friendly, responsive, a clear, and simple website), new patients are more likely to choose you.

Optimize For Mobile

People spend more time on their mobiles than ever; it is estimated that about 25% of all media consumption takes place on mobile and a whopping 63% of all Google searches come from mobile.

If you have a great website, with ALL the relevant info and glowing reviews - but, no optimization for mobile, a potential customer will click away from your website pretty quickly.

A website, on the other hand, which is optimized for mobile will keep the user engaged for longer which means there is more chance of him or her becoming a customer for your dental practice. 

Get To The First Page Of Google

Not a 'strategy' itself - rather the sum of a lot of great digital marketing and SEO practices - getting to the first page of Google is imperative if you want to get more traffic to your website - and ultimately more conversions for your business.

Google handles 8.5 billion searches every day - whether they're for products, services (like yours), or just questions - and 90% of ALL of those searches will select a website/search result on the first page of Google.

This makes it even more important for you to rank on the first page for your dental practice. There are a lot of ranking factors that determine where your website will rank on Google - from the selection of keywords to the value of relevant content on your website, from user-friendliness to clear and consistent content on your website.

Although search engines are the first place where your customers will look for you - they’re not the only place.

Social Media

With a staggering 4.3 billion active users on Facebook and Instagram, social media is a vital battleground for all types of business. It’s one of your main sources of traffic, and proper marketing on social will make sure you are reaching out to your prospective patients on the platforms they spend a lot of time on. 

Our Social Media management services will grow and bring traffic to your social and website - Facebook and Instagram. From content creation to meaningful interaction in the comments, our team makes sure your social media has all bases covered.

Why Do Dentists Need SEO?

A comprehensive SEO strategy is the driver behind your dental marketing efforts and this will determine your overall search engine rankings. The better you rank, the more you increase your business’s visibility on search engines. This will lead to more traffic to your website which, in turn, will lead to more conversions for your business.

What Makes Up Digital’s Dental SEO Services Your #1 Choice?

At Up Digital, we specialize in a wide range of quality SEO services for dental practices: starting from building your clear, crisp, and optimized website (if you don’t have one!) to making sure your dental practice is easy to find in search engine results and optimized for all platforms - search engines, social media, video-sharing websites and beyond. 

Up Digital’s marketing services will make sure you are just a click away from all your potential customers - and we’ll make sure that you put your best foot forward. 

Are you looking for more information on pricing in the dental industry? Check out our article on: how much does dental SEO cost?

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