The 10 Best Keyword Rank Checker Tools for Boosting SEO

The battle to conquer search engine algorithms and keep your content and website visible and easy to find is one that never seems to end. SEO rankings and how to boost them change regularly, but one thing remains an all-important factor: keyword optimization. ‍

The battle to conquer search engine algorithms and keep your content and website visible and easy to find is one that never seems to end. SEO rankings and how to boost them change regularly, but one thing remains an all-important factor: keyword optimization.

Keeping your keywords relevant, balanced, at the best density, and in the right places is a science and an art- one that gets a whole lot easier when you have a great tool to check you are on the right track.

These ten best keyword rank checkers can make a significant difference to your SEO rating and help you understand how to use keywords to their maximum effect. The following list compares the best things about each, what to be aware of, and why they qualify as worthwhile investments.

Why Are Keywords Important?

First things first: why do you even need one of these tools to begin with? The answer is simple: failing to rank highly in search engine optimization can be a death sentence for your online business profile- and keywords play a vital role.

When people look for something through Google or any other search engine, the words they type in are used to bring up relevant pages. Most people won’t scroll past even the first page of results, so it is essential to rank highly and be seen as one of the top hits.

When you use keywords well, it gives your content an edge, leading to increased traffic quantity and quality- which ultimately enhances opportunities for conversion and growth.

Top 10 Keyword Rank Checker Tools

Number One: SE Ranking


  • Great learning support
  • Simple setup
  • Value for money
  • Covers all aspects of SEO management


  • Doesn’t have 24/7 customer service

Our top pick for the best keyword rank checker is SE Ranking. This all-in-one SEO tool covers all the bases and excels in keyword management. It helps track keyword performance across all the leading search engines- with plenty of more detailed analytical tools for tracking dynamics, auditing, and much more.


Plans start at $18.60 per month. There is a mid-tier option at $25.80 and a final option at $33.

Number Two: Semrush


  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent keyword intent data
  • Plenty of daily reports are available
  • Flexible customer support through various channels


  • Only works for Google
  • Expensive
  • Not the most mobile-friendly

Semrush is an SEO superstar with over 7 million users and a decade and a half of top-grade services. It is one of the best-known search engine and keyword optimization tools, and it certainly knows how to support its users. The excellent selection of keyword ranking tools makes it easy for anyone to boost their ratings- but it only tracks data from Google.


It costs between $119.95 and $449.95 per month for one user. Each additional seat costs between $45 and $100.

Number Three: Moz Pro


  • Impressive SEO tools across the board
  • Great packages for larger businesses
  • Excellent reputation
  • In-depth keyword analysis


  • Potentially overwhelming for beginners
  • Less budget-friendly than some options

Moz Pro is one of the platforms that helped pioneer the modern keyword rank checker services and has one of the most comprehensive toolsets of them all. It is arguably the original and remains one of the best. Over the years, it has built an impeccable profile of user tools and optimization software, earning it a reputation as the industry standard for new platforms. Moz is a highly professional tool but may be a bit much to handle for someone with limited experience.


Packages cost between $99 and $599 per month but are significantly cheaper if billed annually.

Number Four: Ahrefs


  • Reliable, detailed data
  • Deep dive into keyword optimization
  • Lots of bonus features
  • Enjoyable user experience


  • No daily rank reports (every five or seven days, depending on the package)
  • Some irrelevant keyword suggestions

Ahrefs is another leading name in the SEO software space- especially with in-depth keyword rank tracking and management. Few platforms offer quite as detailed an analysis as Ahrefs- although new reports are only available once a week. This is one of those tools that the more you explore, the more you find- and the list of helpful features continues to grow.


There are four plans available- starting at $99 per month for the lite plan and ending with the agency plan at $999 monthly.

Number Five: AgencyAnalytics


  • Easy to use
  • Efficient reporting tools
  • Daily ranking updates
  • All-in-one SEO analytics


  • Big jumps between plans
  • Some design elements need a bit of work
  • Improvements needed with keyword suggestions

AgencyAnalytics is a time-saving marketing tool that covers all bases and impresses its clients. If you are looking for software that goes beyond keyword rank checking and helps implement valuable changes across social media, business websites, marketing campaigns, and more, then you are in the right place. Never miss a beat with in-depth daily reports and a user-friendly interface that makes managing and tracking keywords easy.


Prices start at $12 or $18 per client campaign per month. If neither of these plans is suitable, there are custom options available.

Number Six: Serpstat


  • Daily rank updates
  • Fast and efficient user interface
  • Great auditing tools
  • Helpful customer support with quick response times


  • Doesn’t really have any unique features
  • Lack of marketing tools
  • Not the most beginner friendly
  • Occasional data inaccuracies

If you are looking for a solid tool that provides simple daily insights for efficient keyword rank tracking, Serpstat could be the one. It uses technical approaches that may confuse beginners but are preferable for business owners who want to get right to the point and make the most of their keyword optimization. The program is competitively priced for a well-rounded SEO package that does what it says on the tin.


Serpstat subscriptions range from $69 to $499 per month.

Number Seven: BrightLocal


  • Great for local business marketing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Regular newsletter with helpful, informative content
  • Excellent tracking tools for localized SEO


  • Limited additional tools
  • No user testing- only computer-based feedback
  • Doesn’t provide much training for new users

Ranking highly against your local competition is a must to benefit from the potential customers right on your doorstep- and BrightLocal helps make that happen. Many small to medium enterprises rely on local custom to survive and need to be visible for those online searches. BrightLocal is all about supporting brands and businesses as they improve their online presence- helping them use keywords and SEO to drive local business right to their front door.


There are three options available. Single businesses pay $29, the multi-business plan is $49, and the PRO version is $79- all billed monthly and offer two months free with an annual subscription. Custom plans are also possible upon request.

Number Eight: SpyFu


  • More than a decade of stored data
  • Great for finding and comparing top competitors
  • Helpful new keyword suggestions
  • Budget-friendly competitive intelligence tool


  • Lack of advanced rank tracking tools
  • Not the best for backlink analytics
  • Limited customer service hours

A huge part of keyword ranking is standing out against the competition at every level. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is- there is always another business to compare it to. SpyFu is one of the best competitive intelligent programs that also happens to shine in simple keyword research. It may not have all the bells and whistles of some more in-depth analytical programs, but it gets right to the root of what keyword ranking is all about: being better than your main competition.


Plans range from $39 to $299 when billed monthly or $30 to $199 annually.

Number Nine: SEO PowerSuite


  • Four separate apps for comprehensive rank tracking and SEO planning
  • Many excellent features
  • Excellent keyword research
  • Unique keyword gap tool


  • Prone to slow performance
  • Other subscriptions are required for the software to work
  • Expensive (one-off starter price)

SEO PowerSuite is a little different from most of the services on this list. It is an equally powerful tool for checking keyword ranks but is part of a software package rather than an online subscription. The four-part suite tackles SEO from every corner with just about every valuable trick and tool in the book. Someone looking to invest upfront rather than pay monthly should seriously consider this impressive program.


The software costs $299 for the professional package and $699 for the enterprise package. There is no monthly subscription.

Number Ten: RankTracker


  • Reliable ranking tools
  • Consistent international access
  • Very affordable
  • Easily digestible and actionable reports


  • Small feature list
  • Very limited free trial
  • Inaccurate SERP checker

RankTracker is a simple, user-friendly, affordable keyword rank checker that anyone can use. It keeps the features to a minimum but doesn’t skip out on the things that matter the most. The ideal RankTracker user is an independent website owner. Whether you run a blog, a shop, or another online service, this platform can help boost your online brand presence and increase conversion through smart keyword rankings.


Subscriptions start as low as $9 per month. There are three other price plans with increased search packages and unlimited users for $29.50 to $104.50 per month.


Each of these tools has something different to offer. Every online business should take keyword rank tracking seriously and view these platforms as essential investments in the future of their brands.

Picking one of the 10 best keyword rank checkers is the first step to search engine domination and standing out from the crowd.

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