11 secret tips for ranking in the Google Business Profile 3-pack

11 secret tips for optimizing your Google Business Profile so that you can appear in the local 3-pack.

1. (Tip #1) It's important to make sure you've completed all the information that Google My Business provides - especially your address, phone number and hours

Your address, phone number and business hours are three of the most important pieces of information for potential customers looking up your business. If you haven't completed these sections it's likely someone looking for your business won't be able to find you.

2. (Tip #2) Pay attention to the photos included in your listing

Just like listing your hours, not all businesses invest much time into this section either. You can include up to 10 photos that will show in your business's Google My Business page, so make sure you give it some thought.

3. (Tip #3) Use your business name as your Google My Business username followed by the location so it's easy to find you by searching for your business

There are many options when creating a username, but if you want quick and easy access from the search bar make sure to include your business name and location in the username.

4. (Tip #4) Optimize your Google My Business listing to be easily found in local search

In order have a successful business that's easily found online, it's important to use your business name whenever possible and make sure you include location keywords where appropriate. This will help people searching for your type of business find you quickly and make the most of your listing.

5. (Tip #5) Be active and keep up with your Google My Business listing so you rank higher

In order to be found online, it's important to keep your information as up-to-date as possible. If you've recently moved spots or made any other changes to your business, make sure to change this info in your Google My Business page and website. By doing this, customers will know they're getting the most up to date information and will be more likely to contact you first if they're looking for your services.

6. (Tip #6) Use the website version of your business' Facebook page instead of the mobile app

If you haven't already done this, make sure to create a separate Google My Business page for your business and use that in conjunction with your existing Facebook page. This will help increase how many people can find you in search results and serve as an easy way for potential customers to get in touch with you.

7. (Tip #7) Submit your listing to local business directories

Not only will this help Google index your page faster, but it can also boost SEO and drive business to your website. If you've moved locations or updated any other information on your Google My Business page make sure to update these changes across the board!

8. (Tip #8) Be consistent with the photos you use for your business and don't use copyrighted images

If you're going to include photos in your Google My Business listing it's important that they're consistent and high quality – otherwise you'll end up looking unprofessional. Also, if there's a photo of someone else that is included in your profile make sure that person gives permission for it to be used.

9. (Tip #9) Optimize your profile using keywords throughout the description

By using keywords relevant to your business or area of specialty throughout your listing's description, you'll help increase how many people see and click on your listing in search results. This will also help with SEO for your website!

10. (Tip #10) Link all social media profiles with your Google My Business profile

By linking all of your social media profiles to your Google My Business page, you'll help people find you on these platforms and also give them an opportunity to connect with you. Make sure you choose the right business name for each one so that it's easy to tell where to look next!

11. (Tip #11) Link other local directories to your listing

While Google is the biggest search engine out there, there are many other directories that can help boost SEO and potentially lead customers back to your website or give them an easier way to contact you. Make sure they link back to your Google My Business profile instead of a generic website link by checking their guidelines before submitting.

If you follow these tips , you'll be able to optimize your Google My Business listing and help increase your visibility in local search results. Looking for a company to manage all of this for you? Reach out to us and we'll be in touch within the next 24 hours!

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