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SEO Toronto

Ranking on the first page of Google has never been more important. In 2022 most of your competitors are investing in their online visibility online. Our Toronto SEO team of professionals is at your service. Our local Toronto SEO company will take care of all of the heavy lifting required to put your website at the top of Google. We look to work with businesses that are serious about becoming the authority of their industry.

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SEO Toronto
Result oriented

No risk guarantee.

Up Digital is only interested in providing positive statistical improvements for your website. If your 3+ month SEO campaign shows no improvements to rankings we will refund your payments, no questions asked. We have a 100% track record when it comes to seeing improvements on various key performance indicators for our clients.

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Local Toronto SEO services

Every industry is different, SEO is not a one shoe fits all. Up Digital provides the Toronto SEO services that you specifically need with your current situation. We will audit your site and give you our suggestions for your campaign. Starting with what is most needed right now.

Initial Audit

Our search engine optimization experts are going to go through your website with a fine tooth comb. We will let you know what you're doing right, what needs improvement and craft a plan going forward for your website. We share our audit with you via a recorded screen capture. Contact us and let us know your top competitors so we can send you a free audit to get you started.

On-Page Modifications

Our Toronto SEO Agency will do the on-page work that needs to be done for your site to get higher search engine rankings and more traffic. We’ll share with you our on-page audit and explain the improvements that we're going to need to make over time. We’ll look at your content, structure, link architecture and technical aspects. Our SEO company will handle all of the tedious tasks involved with achieving perfect on-page.

Competitor Analysis

An expert will analyze your competitors under a microscope. This will help us shape our search engine strategy. We will uncover ways to surpass them with a custom campaign and implement winning strategies. Our digital marketing team in Toronto will keep an eye on your competitors.

Content Creation

After we've finalized the keywords we're targeting we will need to optimize existing or create new content. Our local SEO agency understands how to create top SEO articles that will dominate the rankings. We use paid tools like Surfer SEO to write perfect SEO content that will  rank higher in local search results and get your company more online traffic.

Keyword Planning

Our Toronto search engine optimization Company will uncover every keyword in your industry that has a high monthly search volume. We will collect all of these keywords and target some with high monthly search volume that will take longer to rank, and others that are lower competition and will rank sooner. This means you can start to realize more organic traffic sooner than later.


A backlink is when you get a website to link to your own site. Google sees this as a "vote of confidence". Not all backlinks are equal. We get you backlinks from websites with great metrics, in your niche that will award you with more rankings. We will use proper anchor text and link diversity. Speak with us for more information on why we've got the best backlinks!


See what our clients are saying

Below are just some of our Toronto clients' SEO rankings. We have been able to increase their organic and local search traffic through SEO and online marketing efforts.

"Extremely Competitive Landscape"

"Best Toronto SEO company. We are in an extremely competitive landscape, yet Up Digital was able to get us ranked to the top for many of our keywords. We have been struggling with our rankings since the start. We wasted a lot of money with other Toronto companies that clearly didn't know what they were doing. Once you talk with Josh you learn a lot of first hand knowledge about SEO and It's clear he's the real deal."

"Many top three rankings"

"We are so pleased with the results of our rankings, many are top three. There are many Toronto SEO companies to choose from and boy are we thankful we landed on this one. After half a year we've gone from virtually no organic traffic to now receiving thousands of monthly visitors. We are now targeting a new set of keywords with slight maintenance on the existing ones. We look forward to continue to scale our company up with Up Digital."

"A large increase in revenue numbers"

"The SEO services we signed up for have allowed our business to expand this year. We rank highly on organic search results as well as the local maps section. This year we've seen a large increase in our revenuenumbers. This is more than we could hope for when we set out to work with an SEO company."

"A true professional marketing company"

"We are a brand new startup in Toronto, Ontario. We hired Up Digital to manage our various social media pay per click marketing ads. Over time we've replaced all of our old ads as they have managed to make their new ads much more profitable. We have a high ROAS that continues to improve. A true professional marketing company and Toronto SEO team at Up Digital."

Examples costs and packages

See your campaign costs and what's included

Want to know more about what's included in your Toronto SEO packages? Hit the blue button below to see more in-depth ways we help and what it's going to cost. We have a plan that works for every budget.

Seo Toronto

A tried and true digital marketing process that dominates in 2022.

With tens of years of experience our Toronto SEO services are a top marketing solution that follows a process that works time and time again. We are the authority in our space for increasing your Google search results! There's no Toronto SEO or internet marketing hurdles that we can't overcome. We provide you with consistent updates and transparency. Our mission is to get you the best possible results that we can while keeping you informed every step of the way.

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More feedback

Why Toronto chooses us:

  • There are many Toronto SEO Companies that you can choose between for your business marketing needs. Here is the feedback our Toronto internet marketing company has heard:

  • Our Toronto SEO Marketing achieves top results on Google.
  • Our SEO is white-hat which is something Google loves.
  • We have different internet marketing options that will suit the unique requirements of your business.
  • Our SEO backlinks come from top quality, niche relevant sites.
  • Our Toronto SEO team is always providing constant updates and performance updates.
  • Our internet marketing pricing is more than fair in terms of ROI and value.
  • There is no other Toronto internet marketing company that is upfront, honest and has your best intentions at heart.
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"We felt like we could never succeed"

"Our business needed the best local SEO company we could find. For years we tried to become relevant online in our space. We never got anywhere. We needed a professional to step in and Up Digital was just that. Their SEO Toronto marketing professionals stepped in and gave us the help we needed to start ranking on Google again. We have since recovered our rankings and we are seeing improvements beyond anything before. We are beyond thankful!"

"Finally we're ranked top 3"

Being a SAAS business in a competitive industry we only wanted to hire someone who truly knew what they were doing. We needed more marketing focused on Google. There's not many SEO companies in Toronto that we thought could handle our needs. We specifically needed to rank in other Countries that we are targeting. After a couple of phone calls and deliberation with Up Digital we pulled the trigger on their services. Our business is now on the first page for many of our SEO terms. Our competitors have tried to find out what we did to improve things so quickly and we're not telling them a thing.

our rankings

We rank on page 1

We rank on page 1 for many different keywords. This provides a consistent stream of highly targeted, organic leads.


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