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SEO Vancouver: Everything You Need to know

Vancouver, Canada: Vancouver SEO Company

Reaching the top ranks on search engines' results lists is increasingly difficult. Therefore, you need a Vancouver SEO agency with a reliable and expert team that can create the right digital marketing strategy for your business.
Fortunately, that's what you can find at Up Digital! Our Vancouver SEO experts can help you get your website to the top of Google rankings in less time than you think.
Up Digital offers Vancouver SEO services to all businesses in this Canadian city looking to grow their business and achieve success online. As proof of our expertise, we appear in search engine rankings' first pages, especially when it comes to local SEO!
Our agency is among the first local companies you can see when searching for keywords for numerous cities! In addition, we know all the practices to make your online business flourish. Do you want to know more about what we can do for your project? Request a free SEO audit here!  

Request a Free SEO Audit
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Let Us Send You An Audit of Your Website! 

Example Video Audit

UP Digital also offers a free video website audit to all customers! If you want to know if your website has what it needs or if you are implementing the correct SEO practices, do not hesitate to contact us!

In our SEO audit video, we can dive into your current metrics, discuss what others are doing, and define what you need to do to beat the competition. If you want to get this free service, you only have to fill out one of our contact forms.

Don't forget to leave your data and a link to your website. We can usually do a video SEO audit for our clients within 24 hours of request!

Step 1

Industry Research

As a first step, our SEO experts research your business' industry and the competition you face. During this process, our SEO service focuses on analyzing what similar companies are doing to rank higher on search engine results.

Our research helps us discover what kind of SEO efforts your main competitors are putting forward. We also analyze their technical SEO and digital presence, if their backlinks are of quality, and how the target audience responds to their content.

Why is this phase so important? Industry research is key for all SEO companies! By knowing the competitors, we can adapt our SEO strategy to replicate what others are doing well and improve what they are not to bring your business to the top of search engine result pages.

At this point, we also perform initial keyword research to check if the terms related to your industry are difficult and discover what we need to do to make them rank higher. As a result, our SEO Vancouver agency can give you the best recommendations to create an effective campaign and a better budget!

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Step 2

On-Page Optimizations

After the SEO audit and the keyword research, our full-service agency's team of SEO and web development experts will execute the second step in a search engine optimization plan: improve your website.

A few years ago, most digital marketing strategies focused on creating an attractive web design according to the brand image. However, search engine algorithms have changed over time.

Now, if you want your search engine optimization efforts to pay off, your website must be functional and offer a quality user experience. With our professional SEO services, you can achieve that and more!

Our team uses highly technological and up-to-date tools to audit your website and find out if its elements work as they should. Through artificial intelligence, we also write perfect web texts or blog articles in the eyes of Google.

We have earned a good reputation as a reliable Vancouver SEO agency because the tools we use have the best and most sophisticated algorithm to figure out if your content has what it needs to give your business authority and rank better for keywords. With our SEO services, your website's content will be perfectly optimized and ready to rank in the search engine's top results.

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Step 3

Link Building

With our SEO Vancouver services, you can also be sure that your website's links perform well. As search engines have evolved, link building is another important aspect of any SEO strategy.

Major SEO companies include link building in their packages and plans because it's a highly effective method of helping websites rank higher. Through the links, search engine algorithms determine a web page's relevance. Therefore, having a good number of links can help your business gain authority.

However, that doesn't mean you should put links everywhere. Link building takes time, and not everyone can do it! Search engines track links between individual pages and links between other websites to determine if they are of quality. Do you want your website to reach the top of the search results? If so, you should hire professional Vancouver SEO services!

SEO Toronto
Step 4

Analyzing Data

Our SEO Vancouver agency's team strives to offer the best SEO service. Therefore, all employees have a deep understanding of how internet users interact with your website. Our experts also know the best strategies to attract more traffic.

Do you think your website attracts enough traffic? That's great. However, you must go further. In some cases, having high numbers of visitors is not enough. All websites need traffic that ends up becoming leads or customers.

Our SEO company understands your business needs, leverages tools such as Google Analytics, and monitors metrics to make sure your SEO strategy is working.

We offer free website analytics to determine if your bounce rate needs to be lowered or if we need to do something to get your CRT up. Our Vancouver SEO agency's experts also determine why your website is not converting enough visitors.

Furthermore, we use the best tools and analyze all the data. Then, we tell you what you need to improve and how to do it!

SEO Toronto
Case Studies

Case Studies

View All
Smiles Dental Group

Local Maps Rankings for 7 Dental Group Locations

See how we've helped Smiles Dental climb to the top of Google maps for 7 locations across multiple cities.

Total Ranks Increased
More Maps Views

What the first month of SEO achieved for Lux Developments

What can we accomplish in the first month of SEO for this home developer?

Rankings Gained
New Keywords

What 5 months of SEO accomplished for BBQ TO GO

See what BBQ TO GO was able to achieve with 5 months of SEO services from Up Digital.

Total Keywords
Traffic Increase

What just 2 months of SEO accomplished for Newbury Dental

See what Newbury Dental was able to achieve with just 2 months of SEO services from Up Digital.

New Keywords Ranked
Traffic Increase
Vancouver, Canada, SEO Packages 

Packages & Pricing

We offer various search engine optimization packages for your business. Prices start at $695 per month for local SEO or rankings on map packages. If you want your website to be optimized for organic search rankings, we have a perfect SEO service for $995 per month.

Up Digital's SEO Vancouver professionals know what it takes to get the best search results on Google. Our prices are competitive and adjust to the industry and our level of expertise.

Also, our digital strategy needs resources! Without the best paid tools, we wouldn't be able to do the work your website needs. If you want more details about our packages and monthly deliverables, feel free to contact us!

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We rank on page 1

Are you looking for a reliable SEO agency, Vancouver SEO services worth your money, and seasonal marketers to create the perfect SEO campaign? That's what you can find here!

As a sign of our hard work, Up Digital ranks on Google's first page for many keywords. Whether you're looking for an SEO company in Toronto, Ottawa, or Vancouver, you're going to find us there!

Actually, most of our leads come from organic rankings. Our SEO agency is the perfect example of the good return on investment that a reliable Vancouver SEO expert can provide. We can do the same for you!

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Client Testimonials

There are many things to like about Up Digital. Josh has been a charm to work with, so helpful and has cleaned up my SEO mess the last guy made. He goes over and above what is expected. Thank you so much for your work! I would 100x recommend this place!
Wanda Chevrette
“Working with Up Digital was a dream. As a new agent I needed help generating leads and marketing myself online. In my first year as a realtor they kept my pipeline full and I've closed many deals because of them. I made the 100% club my first year and couldn't be happier!”
Christina B
Launching a new location in Edmonton was a big risk for us. With no prior digital marketing we seeked out a local SEO Edmonton company that could get us some customer traction. Up Digital exceeded our expectations and did a fantastic job with SEO and PPC to get our phone ringing from day one.
Kim J.
After a year of SEO services we have gone from around 100 organic keywords ranked to over 700. Pretty amazing stuff and our increase in sales say it all. Great job Up Digital, we look forward to many more years.
Randal H.
"Hiring UP Digital was the best decision I could make! Its SEO service was a game changer! Josh is a kind person, and it has been a pleasure working with him. Also, he fixed all the SEO issues that were on my website. This SEO agency's team go the extra mile to get the best results. I would recommend this company to everyone! Thanks for your hard work!"
Sophia J.
"My business is not the same since I decided to work with Up Digital. During the early phases of my project, I thought that all my efforts would not pay off and my small company would end up a failure. Fortunately, a friend recommended this Vancouver SEO agency to me. Thanks to its SEO services, my client base has increased and my website always appears in search engines' first results. I'm so glad I found it, and would recommend this place to all my friends!"
Margaret C.

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