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Read below to find out everything you need to know before choosing the right Calgary SEO Agency.

Tips for finding the right SEO companies to grow your business.

Are you looking for a Calgary SEO expert? In this article we are going to help inform you about all of the different factors you should consider before choosing which SEO experts you would like to work with. There are a number of website owners who would like to improve their SEO but don't know where to start. Take your time to read through this article and get a solid idea of what your SEO strategies should look like and make an informed decision of which Calgary SEO experts may be the right fit for you.

Step one: National or Local SEO?

The first thing you need to consider when picking an SEO agency is whether you need national or local SEO. Local SEO is typically good for small business owners who are looking to rank in google search for local search traffic. This means potential customers which are googling for city specific keywords. Think along the lines of something typing in to google: "Restaurants near 20 ave sw Calgary", or  "Calgary Plumbers".

If you are a Calgary business that only works with clients in your city, It's not going to help you to spend your SEO marketing budget on National keywords. An example of a national keyword would be "Plumbers". Sure there are a lot of people who google search "Plumbers" however that's not going to help you if someone outside of Calgary is looking for the plumber. Local search SEO can be quite a different search engine optimization process than a national SEO campaign. For one, setting up a GMB (Google my business) to increase local SEO rankings is important. When you set up your GMB a bunch of new doors open for your company. You can now start to generate reviews which is one of Google's most important ranking signals when it comes to local search. Long term internet marketing strategies will make review generation a top priority.

You're also able to enter the category your services. This makes it easy for google to understand who to display for which services Calgary companies should rank at the top for. A search engine optimization company should know all about using GMB to rank a business in Canada.

Step two: Keyword Research

Once you've decided if you're looking for a local SEO expert, or a national Calgary SEO expert, you should now ask them about their keyword research services. A  top SEO services provider will be able to take an objective look at a Calgary businesses' services and perform keyword research to come up with a long term keyword strategy which will deliver a ton of traffic to your website. This will result In more clients, reviews and of course revenue. This is an important part of your SEO process. If you end up targeting keywords with too much competition or not enough monthly search volume you'll waste a lot of time and money and see poor SEO results.

When paying for SEO work make sure your keyword research is comprehensive and that the chosen keywords will actually generate traffic to your website once you're ranking on the first page.

Many of my clients have hired a digital marketing company in the past. A common issue I will find with their web site is that the digital marketing agency they were working with were targeting terrible keywords. The keywords they were targeting had zero monthly searches which obviously resulted in poor SEO results.

Still don't know if you're going after the right keywords?

We live and breathe SEO at Up Digital. We would love to help you verify you're working with the right keywords whether or not you use us for our SEO services. Feel free to send us your website URL and keywords you're targeting to get some free SEO advice.

Step three: On-page SEO

The next step when choosing your Calgary SEO experts to work with is making sure their SEO Business is qualified to perform excellent on-page SEO. In order to rank highly in search rankings you're going to need to have tip top on-page SEO content and formatting. A search engine has a specific rating system to rank highly in search queries which only a properly equipped and informed marketing specialist can help you with. If you're looking for one of the best on-page SEO companies to correctly help you with your on-page SEO you can take a look at our SEO agency.

Examples of some of the on-page SEO strategies that you should consider are optimizing your Title's and meta description to contain the keywords which you are trying to rank for on search engines. You should look in to the SEO formatting of your web design. Factors like page load time and meta tags are examples. Keyword density within your content is important. Things you might overlook which a search engine surprisingly takes in to account would be listing your social media channels on your site, having a proper link navigation set up on your site.

An example of proper link navigation is making sure your products and services are able to be reached in just two to three clicks. All of your services and links should be mentioned in your sitemap. It is important to optimize all of the pages on your site to becomes one of the best Calgary businesses and reach the first page of major search engines for your services.

If you would like a free on-page, professional SEO audit to outline a custom SEO strategy to rank higher on google search results you can contact us here.

Step four: Content

The next step when looking for the right SEO expert is finding a SEO Calgary company that understands Content. Google is very smart in 2021 and rewards a site with a powerful online presence if they're doing things the right way. For starters, a proper SEO strategy only targets a few keywords on each of their pages.

Your SEO specialists should be familiar with keywords density, word counts and proper formatting for each of your pages. Your Calgary SEO Expert should be familiar with search engine optimization programs like I am not affiliated with this business, I just want to share their website with you because of how great their services are. They are basically a content expert that makes it a breeze for a Calgary SEO Company to do your content the right way.

It will give you tips about writing content that will rank highly in search engines in real time for a specific keyword. Your website should always be adding new pages to rank at the top of a search engine. This goes for local or national rankings.

As an example, this very article I'm writing right now is targeting the keyword "Calgary SEO". Let me show you how I'm rated on Surfer at this very moment:

Surfer SEO Article

Of course, there are many SEO search engine tools that help with content. The point I'm trying to get across is that your Calgary SEO expert should understand the importance of properly created content in their SEO strategies.

Make your content go viral!

It's always a good idea to offer ways to share your content on a visitors social media channels. If your website is created on Wordpress there are lots of plugins you can find to add share to social media buttons on your articles.

The last SEO content tip I would like to leave business owners with is that more than ever quality matters. We are no longer in the days where you can just spam a bunch of poor quality articles in an attempt to rank for as many keywords as you can. Google understands more than ever if your traffic is bouncing off of your site because your content is not interesting or grammatically correct. A Calgary SEO company should have fresh content as an important service that they perform on your website as part of their SEO services every single month.

Any more SEO tips for Wordpress sites?

Yes, look up the Yoast plugin. It makes certain SEO formatting a lot easier for your SEO articles. For example, you can easily edit the titles and meta descriptions for all of your pages. It even includes the recommended amount of characters recommended for proper SEO.

What if I don't use Wordpress?

Reach out to us at Up Digital and we can show you how you can edit some of the important SEO content factors on your website for no charge at all.

Step five: Off-page SEO (Backlinks):

A internet marketing company that services Calgary will online increase traffic for their clients by building high authority links.  You can spend all of the time you want on your web design, meta tags, site formatting etc. But it is all for nothing if your digital marketing strategy doesn't include strong backlinks. In Canada you have an advantage because there are less companies trying to climb to the top for specific search rankings. In general the competition is less compared to the U.S. and your SEO services Calgary company should be able to get your a better ROI than something like PPC (pay per click) will generate.

Before signing a contract or working with an SEO internet marketing company ask them about their link strategy. You should be able to ask for examples of the links they generate for their clients. If your company has a .ca (Canadian) website, you should find out if the Calgary SEO Company is going to be able to offer you niche, Canadian links. Now more than ever a professional SEO company has to provide niche relevant, high authority links. The days of spamming hundreds of poor quality links to try to climb to the top and generate more traffic is over.

Google is constantly updating their algorithm and if you want to rank highly on their search engine for search queries relevant to your company you're going to need top quality links. Our digital marketing SEO agency only creates power niche relevant links that search engines love for your business.

We always remind our business clients in Canada that the SEO Services Calgary companies need are always changing. The SEO Company you choose needs to be staying up to date every single month with their marketing strategies. A professional SEO company will be checking consistently to stay on top of the new updates.

But what SEO Calgary SEO company has the right backlink service that a search engine values?

I know readers like yourself are looking to hear about what type of links are qualified as top SEO links, and which Calgary SEO Company provides them, but things change so often that I would hate for you to start acquiring links that are part of an outdated search engine marketing strategy. If you're looking for a professional SEO Calgary business to give you advice for your website on this subject, you can ask for free SEO advice here.

What to watch out for:

Stay away from any Calgary SEO Company that can't be transparent.

I have unfortunately met too many people in business who have hired a company for their Calgary SEO Services that were less than forthcoming in what they were providing month to month. A top SEO company offering Calgary SEO Services will be able to send you monthly search engine reports that track how your Calgary business is improving on search engines every single month.

Their SEO agency should be showing your business what links they are creating, what content they published and what on-page changes they made that month to improve your SEO. If you go and ask your internet marketing company what services they performed for your website that month they should be able to provide you with everything. If they have nothing to show, you are wasting your money and would be better off with pay per click (PPC) services.

What's an immediate sign that I should run away?

One sign that you should pick up and run from an SEO business is if they're offering hundreds of links as their package to you. This is a surefire way to receive a penalty and possibly get de-indexed by google. Always look for Quality vs Quantity links.

Ask for case studies / results:

Real SEO Experts that offer Calgary SEO Services will have results to show you. They should be able to share with you a Calgary business that they ranked highly in search results. Search Engine Optimization SEO is not an easy task, and if the internet marketing company you're considering to hire can't provide any rankings they've provided for a business website, then forget it.  

What if the SEO agency I'm considering isn't ranking their own website?

There are cases where a certain business in a certain industry should not put money in to search engine optimization SEO. It really boils down to the competition in Calgary and how difficult it will be to reach page one in the search engines. Some of the most competitive keywords are as you might expect, In the Search engine optimization SEO niche. If you are thinking you should not hire a company for their Calgary SEO services because they themselves do not rank on the first page of a search engine then this is not entirely fair.

For example, in Calgary it would cost newer SEO companies a lot of money to enter the online marketing area and rank in the search results for SEO services. The return on investment could be too low and they could see a better return with PPC (pay per click) marketing as an example.

This is why I don't suggest judging a SEO company on their own rankings. Instead, ask them to share their online marketing or search engine results for some of their Calgary clients and you will get a good idea if they are indeed SEO experts whom you can truck with your search engine needs.

What should I pay a Calgary SEO company?

Calgary SEO services will vary greatly in price. It will all depend on your website, the difficulty of your keywords and how many keywords you want to try and rank at once. When deciding what you think an SEO Company should be paid you should also consider their SEO service results. If this is one of the SEO companies that have time and time again achieved top SEO results for their clients in recent months then your risk is lowered. That said, typically these SEO companies will have more clients in Calgary, less time and higher prices.

Still looking to get some exact pricing?

You can check out our SEO Pricing to get an idea of what a Calgary SEO Company charges for SEO. In general, you should be able to hire Calgary SEO experts to give you a search engine optimization plan that works within your budget. If your budget for your website is smaller then you can start slower and choose SEO services that only work on ranking a few keywords at a time.

Does SEO have a good return on investment?

Yes. If you find the right search engine optimization services from the right Calgary SEO specialists you  will see a better ROI than any other forms of internet marketing. Ask SEO companies to show you what the CPC (Cost per click) would be on the keywords you're targeting. For example, if you were to advertise your plumbing company on Google, and show up for the keyword "Calgary Plumber",

Keyword Difficulty "Calgary Plumber"

it would cost you over $15 every single time somebody clicked it. This would quickly amount to thousands of dollars over a short period of time. Now, consider what hiring an online marketing SEO company to rank your website for the search phrase would cost. Nowhere near what you'd pay over a lifetime of paid per click ads. Remember, once your website is ranked on the first page for this keyword, it is a lifetime of search traffic with minimal maintenance.

Should I hire a search engine marketing company in Calgary or can I look Nation wide?

I recommend you hire someone in Calgary or Canada. A Canadian search engine optimization company will have more resources to perform online marketing for a website in Calgary. The reason I say this is that niche relevance is very important. Your website will need SEO links from .ca websites either located in Calgary or Canada. If you hire a search engine optimization company in USA for your SEO services, they will typically have minimal Canadian internet marketing experience to offer a Calgary or Canadian company the right type of SEO services.

How long will it take to rank my website at the top of Google?

This question has so many variables. It will depend on what SEO services your internet marketing company is providing every month. It will also depend on what the competition is like in Calgary for the SEO keywords you're targeting. Lastly, if the on-page of your website is lacking it will be more difficult and take more time to achieve the results you're looking for. Search engine optimization has such a wide range of variable and factors that it is impossible to give a concrete answer to this question.

The biggest piece of SEO advice I can give you is that you always focus on the long term. It's easy to find SEO services that promise quick results, but you should make sure that the SEO you're receiving is safe and not going to be penalized in the future. This is why I encourage you to not worry about speed as you'll end up hiring an SEO person who uses unsafe SEO services to give you short term results. Focus on a quality service that comes from a trusted SEO professional.

Thank you for reading this informative article on SEO and how to pick the right SEO agency for your Calgary business.

If you have any questions, Up Digital is here to help you along the way. Feel free to reach out to me or one of our SEO professionals. We will answer any questions you have and won't charge you a penny!

You can e-mail us at or give us a call or text toll-free at: +1 (800) 581-1766

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