20 Tips when searching for an Internet Marketing Vancouver company

Are you going to hire an internet marketing company in Vancouver? Read our 20 tips before taking the leap!

Are you in Vancouver and looking to hire an internet marketing company? Let me give you some suggestions and tips before you pull the trigger with an internet marketing Vancouver company.

Tip #1: Get an audit first

Get an SEO analysis of your website before you hire an internet marketing company. This will help you to know where your website stands. It will also enable you to get a sense of what the internet marketing company will ask you to do.

Tip #2: Avoid security issues with Google

It is absolutely vital that you avoid penalisation from Google via spam or duplicate content. Look for a company that can do a full and in-depth audit of your website and then suggest ways you can fix the problems.

Tip #3: SEO is a necessary tool

Internet marketing Vancouver companies can definitely help you to get good rankings. However, you need to keep in mind that SEO is only a part of the story. For a good internet marketing Vancouver company, you need to have a good website design that is visually attractive and user-friendly. The key is to have a website design that is easy to manage and update, without any hiccups.

Tip #4: Look at the internet marketing Vancouver company’s history

Find out the companies history and what it has achieved. Ask for client references and look at some of the results from the SEO process. Are they getting a good ROI? Are they ranking well? What do the Google rankings look like? Speak to customers who have used the internet marketing service. Speak to technical support to see if they are prompt, courteous, and very helpful.

Tip #5: Check out their website for plagiarism

A good internet marketing company should have its own unique content on its website. You don’t want to end up with duplicate content. You can use online tools such as "Copyscape" for this.

Tip #6: Check on the quality of the backlinks

It is not enough to get a lot of backlinks. They have to be from relevant websites with good page ranks. Look at the specific links that they are using to achieve these rankings. A good internet marketing Vancouver company will not have any spammy links.

Tip #7: Ask for a keyword analysis

When you hire an internet marketing Vancouver company, you need to have them create a report on the performance of each of the keywords that you are using to promote your website. They will be able to give you a sense of how often these keywords are ranking, and how well or badly they are performing. You should then make changes such as adding new keywords or removing them, depending on their findings.

Tip #8: Analyze your competitors

Your internet marketing Vancouver company should be able to give you a report on your competition. What are they doing that you need to avoid? Also, find out who your competitors are. Who is linking to your competition and why?

Tip #9: Get a potential short term and long term marketing strategy plan

Internet Marketing Vancouver Companies usually offer a mix of short-term and long-term solutions. Get details on how effective the short-term solutions are and how long it will take them to achieve tangible results. Also, be clear on how long it will take your internet marketing Vancouver company to get you where you want to be. Look at SEO as a long-term solution, not something that you will achieve overnight.

Tip #10: SEO is not something that you have to do on your own

There are a lot of internet marketing Vancouver companies out there that can take care of your SEO for you. All you need to do is speak to a couple of them, get some audits and then make an informed decision.

Up Digital is able to give you a free SEO video audit which will give you valuable marketing advice. It's very in-depth and requires no commitment.

Tip #11: Look into PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click or PPC and can give you an instant marketing boost. Look into this option when you hire an internet marketing Vancouver company. You will need to work with your internet marketing company to design an advanced PPC campaign tailored to your business objectives.

Tip #12: Talk to your internet marketing company every now and then

Make sure your internet marketing Vancouver company listens to you, and not just its big clients. Your internet marketing company should be able to give you valuable marketing advice from time to time. They will be able to give you feedback on different marketing channels. They will be able to give you feedback on the effectiveness of the content on your site. They will also be able to give you tips on how to improve your website.

Tip #13: Be clear on the budget

Money is your business, and so you need to be clear on your desired budget. The internet marketing Vancouver companies will try to sell you their services with tall promises. This is fine but may not be in your best interests in the long run. Also, clarity on the budget will help you to evaluate the services that you will be getting.

Tip #14: Be clear on what you want to accomplish

You need to be clear on what you want your internet marketing Vancouver company to do. It should be a one-year plan with semi-annual updates. They should not be constantly raising their prices and increasing their fees.

Tip #15: Be clear on how you will measure the success

You need to be clear on how your internet marketing Vancouver company will measure the success of their services. Will they be measuring the rankings, the bounce rate, sales, or some other metric?

Tip #16: Speak with their customer service

This is one area that many internet marketing Vancouver companies overlook. What do their customer support people have to say? Are they polite, helpful, and accommodating? Do they listen or are they deliberately ignoring your requests? How often do they respond to your questions?

Tip #17: Are they prompt in their service?

This is a vital point to keep in mind. When you are working with an internet marketing Vancouver company, you need them to be prompt in their service. It should be a good mix of customer support and data-driven marketing analysis. You need to be able to rely on your internet marketing company.

Tip #18: Look into re-designing your website

This is often a part of the internet marketing Vancouver company’s services. In this case, they need to be able to show you a full redesign of your current website. Look for a “full design” with a new and fresh look, improved conversion rates, and the ability to generate leads in the long run.

Tip #19: Have a fresh content schedule

Another part of a good internet marketing company is that they will be able to offer you a fresh content schedule. This means they will continue to create new content and keep updating your website. Look for this in your internet marketing Vancouver company when you are looking for a good one.

Tip #20: Look for honesty and no fluff

A professional internet marketing Vancouver company will be able to give you an honest review of your website. They will not be trying to sell you their services. They will not be trying to give you false hopes about their service. Look for companies that will be brutally specific about what they can deliver for you.

In Conclusion:

Working with an internet marketing company can be a positive or negative experience. Most people make the mistake of choosing the wrong internet marketing company. Internet marketing Vancouver companies need to be flexible and very clear on the status of your campaign. I hope this gives you some insight into what to look for when you hire an internet marketing Vancouver company. Happy Hunting!

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