Organic Search vs Direct Traffic, Ways to increase organic traffic and why is organic traffic important?

New to Search engine optimization? Come learn the differences between organic search and direct traffic.

Organic Search Vs Direct Traffic

If you own a website or work in the digital marketing space, then you’ve most probably heard about organic search and direct traffic. For a long time, both these terms have been summed up very simply. Organic traffic is the traffic that comes from search engine results. Direct traffic is when visitors enter your website’s URL in a search bar and visit your website. However, this explanation of organic and direct traffic is too basic and doesn’t help people comprehend the right meaning of them. 

Here we will talk about organic search vs direct traffic so you can understand them comprehensively. We will learn why organic traffic is important and ways to increase organic traffic. 

Organic Search Vs Direct Traffic

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic results from users entering your website’s URL in the browser’s search bar and directly accessing your website. Any other traffic type where users don’t enter your URL in the browser can’t qualify as direct traffic.

When visitors follow a link on other websites and lead them to your site, the site of origin is considered the referrer. The referrer can be a social media channel, blog having your website’s link in its content, or search engine.

Typically, direct traffic has only been attributed to traffic from manually entering the URL, but today it involves a few other participants. 

A portion of direct traffic might be your internal employees entering your site’s URL and visiting it. You can remove them from Website Analytics by blocking their IPs on your analytics tool. Your customers may also know your website address, and they may visit it by entering the URL directly. 

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic results from your inbound marketing efforts. When you perform comprehensive Search Engine Optimization on your website and increases its ranking, it appears higher in the search results and attracts traffic. 

The visitors that visit your website by clicking on your site’s link in the search results is called organic traffic. Organic traffic doesn’t include traffic that results from paid search or advertising.   

Organic search vs direct traffic is a complicated discussion as direct traffic has also started to impact website traffic growth. However, organic traffic remains the most profitable of web traffic. 

Let’s learn about the importance of organic traffic. 

Why Is Organic Traffic Important?

Organic traffic is the most important of all types of traffic because it’s targeted. When you strive to earn organic traffic, you target the users' intent and provide the right solution to their questions. When you do so, they are more likely to convert. 

Of all the website traffic, on average more than 60% accounts for organic traffic. The whole SEO industry is built and revolves around organic traffic. SEO is a massive strategy that, when done correctly, improve the ranking of websites on search results. 

Here are a few reasons why organic traffic is important, and you should work on your website to improve its organic traffic. 

  • It Is Free

This might not sound like a completely true statement, but it’s true to a great extent. Organic traffic is not like direct traffic or paid search, where results dry up as soon as you stop investing in it. It’s free traffic once you rank for those specific search phrases.

You might be investing in your site’s SEO and paying a considerable amount to an expert, but it’s a necessity, and the results outweigh the amount being spent. To this day, SEO has the highest ROI of all marketing categories for most businesses.

  • Organic Traffic Lays A Solid Foundation For Other Traffic-Driving Strategies

Working on your organic traffic builds a solid foundation. It helps you to establish your authority and rank for low competition keywords. Later on, you can get highly beneficial results from other traffic enhancement strategies because you already have a considerably impressive authority and ranking. 

  • Organic Traffic Guarantee Sustainable Growth

For several reasons, organic traffic is important, but one of the most important is that you get sustainable growth. It has a lower bounce rate, which means visitors are more likely to spend time on your website. Moreover, organic traffic sends positive signals to search engine ranking algorithms. 

  • It Brings More Business

Businesses can’t rely on existing or old clients only. If you want to keep up with the competition and expand your business, you need to win more clients. Appearing high in search results is critical to your success in client acquisition. To attract new visitors or potential clients regularly, invest in your organic traffic.  If you're a Toronto business that needs more organic traffic, you should take a look at our Toronto SEO services.

  • It’s Accessible For Small Businesses Too

One of the reasons why organic traffic is important is that improving organic traffic is relatively easier and affordable than paid advertising. If you’re a small business or startup with a tight budget, you can learn SEO to improve your organic traffic. It’s not mandatory to invest in paid advertising campaigns to drive traffic to your website. 

Ways to Increase Organic Traffic

Now that it has been established that the most important type of traffic between organic search vs direct traffic is organic traffic, you must learn some ways to increase organic traffic. 

Let’s find out the most important ways to increase organic traffic. 

  • Analyze Your Webpages

The first thing you need to do is analyze your webpages. With a little information, you can take little and a few steps only. However, when you have a bunch of information, you can identify patterns and actionable insights. You begin to notice patterns.

Determine some important points like referral sources, high-performing webpages, and so on. 

  • Comprehensive Keyword Research

The key to getting noticed by your ideal traffic is to target the right keywords. The best way to do comprehensive keyword research is to use a keyword research tool or Google Keyword Planner. 

Target the keywords that relate the best to your services, products, or content. To attract a higher amount of visitors to your site, target high volume keywords. 

  • Produce Relevant Content 

“Content is king.” But you need to ensure that your content consists of both high-quality contents and is relevant as well. If your content lacks relevance and quality, it’ll make your website go deeper down the ranking chart. So try to produce meaningful, helpful, and quality content regularly. 

  • User Experience

Some of the elements that play an important role in user experience include load time, site structure, navigation, and user-friendliness. Ensure that all these elements are according to the quality best standards, so your users enjoy an excellent experience. 

  • Link Building 

Internal linking, backlinking, and external linking play a big role in organic traffic generation. Make sure that your website has a strong internal links profile and quality backlinks as well. 

  • Mobile-Friendly Website

For a better position in search engine result pages, you need to have a mobile-friendly website. A poorly designed website that doesn’t cater to mobile users' needs experiences a poor ranking in search results because many website visitors use mobile devices to access the internet. So this is the detailed comparison of organic search vs direct traffic and the best ways to increase organic traffic.

If you want to improve your organic traffic, Up Digital can help you with its professional and high-quality SEO services. We have customized SEO packages for your business and will recommend something that will work perfectly for you.

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