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Submitting a website to Google - Omega Indexer


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Building – and marketing – a website today is both easier and more challenging than ever before.

On the one hand, tools to build websites, handle search engine optimization, and generate floods of targeted traffic are more available (and more affordable) than ever before.

On the other hand, though, all this almost infinite accessibility has made website ownership effortless – and that's led to tons and tons of competition.

In the "wild west" days of the internet (even just 15 years ago), the thought of having to manually go through submitting a website to Google or other search engines just to get some traction in the rankings wouldn't have even crossed your mind.

Today, though, if you're not focused like a laser on indexing and doing everything else you can to boost your search results rank you're going to lose out to competitors that are.

That's where the Omega Indexer tool comes into play.


Request Indexing - Omega Indexer 101


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A game changing new solution that handles all the heavy lifting when it comes to request indexing straight from Google (and other search engines), the Omega Indexer can propel your site up the search engine rankings faster than you'd ever thought possible.

Dramatically simplifying – and almost completely automating – a lot of the work required to manually submit a website to Google, Omega Indexer saves time, saves effort, and streamlines this critical part of search engine optimization significantly.

Truth be told, you'd have to be at least a little bit crazy not to lean on this search index solution if you're serious about making money online today.

Sure, you could still go through the process of manually submitting a new website to Google and hope that Google indexing picked you up in a day, week, or in a month from now.

But while you waited for Google to spot your new website (and to start crawling the rest of the links on that site), someone else using Omega Indexer it submit, let this tool do the work for them, and got a brand-new website indexed – and then rinsed and repeated the process over and over again.

The Omega Indexer makes a world of difference!


(Almost) Search Engine Instant Indexing – On Autopilot!


Built to take advantage of modern web-based application tools and engineered to work with the new Google Search console (while remaining adaptive to any new changes made to the Google Search console), the Omega Indexer does so much more than just request indexing for you.

These tools essentially push your sitemap URL in front of Google (and other search engine) spiders, compel them to index not just the link you submit but all the rest of the content attached, and then helps push all the pages up the search engine rankings.

Google's index activity all on its own leaves a little bit to be desired.

Anyone building a new site today – especially a "money site"– understands just how long it can take to submit URLs to Google, and just how long it takes for Google to actually get those sites and new web pages in the rankings themselves.

We're not just talking about a slight delay here any longer.

Remember, with so many people jumping online to make money with their own website – and all of them wanting to capitalize on Google search results to get traffic (and hopefully convert that traffic to paying customers) – there's always a flood of new page submissions are looking to get listed.

If you leave this kind of workup to Google alone, hoping that Google finds your site in the near future, you're going to be waiting quite a while – and you're probably going to be upset with the results.

On the other hand, if you choose to skip manual submissions and instead use Omega to go through submitting your site for you, you automate the process completely.

All you have to do after submitting your site and index content through Omega is sit back, relax, and watch as the new links become active in Google search results almost as if by magic.

 This frees you up to go generate new websites, new site content, and focus your attention and effort on other areas of your online business.

Think about Omega Indexer as your own automatic Google Search console "secret weapon". It multiplies your efforts, compounds your results, and handles a lot of the busywork necessary to submit your website the "old-school way" for you completely.

You'd have to be a little crazy not to lean on this tool.

Click Here to get instant access to Omega Indexer! It's pennies to use!

Omega Indexer Puts You in Complete Control of Search Engines


As if using the Omega Indexer to automate submissions to search engines for you (indexing web pages on autopilot), this tool also puts you in total control of how much you spend to get each indexed website to Google, too.

Gone for good are the URL inspection tool options that cost you a small fortune to leverage, tools that might have helped you (eventually) dominate the Google Search console and other search engines – maybe.

Instead, with the Omega Indexer you're able to get into Google's index ASAP and you're not going to have to blow your budget into tiny little pieces to make that happen, either.

You see,- this platform uses- a credits system to get your site to Google.

You can purchase just as many credits as you like (with each link to web pages costing a single credit) and you can decide exactly how often Omega pushes a site to Google for you – burning a single credit – without being locked into any rigid boxes.

There are no monthly subscriptions with this Google search index tool.

There are no annual fees to submit URLs with Omega, either.

Instead you have complete and total freedom to decide how much you want to spend when you submit your website URLs to Google and how frequently you push new links into the indexer– all without any strings attached.

This puts you in the driver seat 100% of the way.

No, Omega isn't a free tool – but there aren't any free tool options out there that can index valuable pages as quickly, as securely, or as reliably as this one can.

Few premium and paid options can come close to offering what Omega brings to the table. No completely free tool will be able to scratch the surface, even.


SEO Benefits You Can See (And Measure)


 Another of the major benefits that Omega has to offer is the ability to actually see – sometimes in real time – how your submission to these search engines and their indexes impacts your search engine optimization.

No, you aren't going to want to abandon your analytics tools to lean on the tracking and analytics available from Omega.

Google Analytics and the Bing Webmaster Tools are still hugely valuable pieces of the puzzle.

Instead you'll want to use the Omega reports and URL inspection tool in conjunction with Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster Tools, verifying that Omega really is making a huge difference when it comes to indexing web pages fast and getting your sitemap URL locked and loaded.

Because Omega takes almost no time to get your site to Google (the whole process to submit a website with these tools takes about a minute flat, if that), you should be able to see your web pages – even a brand-new page – pop up in the Google search results inside of just a few days.

Plenty of testimonials (from real users leveraging Omega right now) report it taking about 5 to 6 days to submit your website to Google and the index when you use this set up.

If you were to let Google scrape around it might take two weeks, three weeks, or a month or more even until Google finds your links – and then it can take a lot longer until they get your site indexed.

Save time, save energy, and save a lot of money by using Omega to handle submitting your site for you.

You'll be glad you did. Especially since you can actually track and measure the results Omega promises for your website, through your own independent analytics as well!


Omega Indexer Blows the Competition Out of the Water


 At the end of the day, though there are other tools out there promising to help you with submitting web pages to major search engines – and indexed as quickly as possible – none of them can't quite come close to delivering the way that Omega does.

This suite of tools is built on top of modern web application technology, making it very flexible, very easy to use, and super easy for the team behind Omega to update and overhaul it as necessary.

Combine that with the fact that getting indexed URLs to Google won't have to cost you a small fortune anymore thanks to the credit system this platform leverages – as well as the fully automated setup that kicks in as soon as you hit submit – and it's not hard to see why so many lean on this tool today.

If you want people to find your websites – especially your money site (regardless of whether it is brand-new or an existing site that hasn't been popping up in the search bar because it hasn't been indexed yet) – this is a tool you want to have in your back pocket.

Best of all, it's not going to cost you a fortune to give Omega a test drive today.

Create a free account, fund it with the absolute bare minimum (just $20 for 1000 link credits), and give it a try.

Don't be surprised if in a few weeks, though, the web address submissions you've put in for indexing are starting to pop up pretty high on all the major search engines.

Omega Indexer is the real deal! 



What's so important about getting indexed URLs?

Indexing is a huge piece of the success puzzle for online businesses today. If you want search engines to rank your page highly – if you want search engines to rank you at all, even – you are going to need to get indexed.

Indexing can happen all on its own (search engines send out their spiders on a 24/7 basis to calm the web), but that's the slow road for sure.

If you want to get out ahead of the competition you need to make sure that you are getting URL inspection from Google search spiders as quickly as possible.

Omega Indexer can help!

Do I have to use an indexer like Omega?

No, you don't necessarily need to use an indexer like Omega to get your site to Google. You don't need this indexer to get your links to show up in Google Search.

This tool just makes all of that happen all whole lot faster than it would have naturally, waiting for Google crawls to inevitably find their way to your new pages so that you can start ranking.

Omega speed this process up significantly, all while almost completely automating the URLs to Google process for you.

Is Omega Indexer safe to use?

You bet it is!

One of the reasons that Omega "drip feeds" indexing and linking for you is to avoid drawing unnecessary and unwanted attention from the folks at Google.

Submitting your site with fly-by-night tools that flood Google with indexing requests can actually tank your search engine optimization. Worse, it can get you hit with a "Google Slap" and shuffled into the abyss that are Google results off the top two pages.

That won't ever be a problem when you have successfully submitted your whole website – or even just a specific URL – using the Omega Indexer.

How fast does the Omega Indexer work?

Because of the "drip feed" approach that Omega takes when it indexes content it can take anywhere between 7 and 10 days for you to see results.

Rest assured, though, every 12 to 24 hours your links to new pages and existing sites alike are going to be submitted straight to Google (via the drip feed) to get you indexed just as quickly as humanly possible.

Compared to sitting around and waiting for Google to (maybe) index your site at some point in time the Omega Indexer feels like it works almost overnight.

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