June 2022

What 5 months of SEO accomplished for BBQ TO GO

See what BBQ TO GO was able to achieve with 5 months of SEO services from Up Digital.

SEO Services

Wanted their BBQ store to be found organically online.

More Sales

Wanted to sell more BBQ's locally.

Total Keywords

Ranking for 388 keywords and counting.

Traffic Increase

Organic Traffic is up over 250% from start.

In 5 months BBQ TO GO has more than doubled their traffic.

Take a look at some core metrics for BBQ TO GO and how we've been increasing things month to month.

Traffic is now booming!

Have a look at the "change of traffic" column in this image. This volume represents the number of MONTHLY searches for each keyword. With consistent SEO we will continue to rise the ranks and capture more and more of the traffic from the keywords.

Something to take note of is that we've increased hundreds of keywords rankings. However, traffic isn't realized until the top 1-3 positions. We have so many keywords that we're going to target to push them to those top 3 positions which should get there in no time!

What's next for BBQ TO GO?

Our strategy will consist of us now pushing those page 2 and 3 keywords to the top of the first page. We like to continuously shift our strategy to target what is close to generating traffic with buyer intent. This ensures the client is seeing a return as fast as possible on their SEO! 


Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

Hear from multiple Entrepreneurs  who value what Up Digital continues to accomplished for their business.

“Working with Up Digital was a dream. As a new agent I needed help generating leads and marketing myself online. They kept my pipeline full and I've closed many deals because of them!”

Christina B.
PPC Marketing Services

“Up Digital is our go to solution when a client requests animations. Their work is flawless and we trust their vision with any of these types of projects.”

Markus M.
Animations / Illustrations

“Up Digital has taken us from zero to one hundred five star reviews and through PPC advertising increased our revenue to record breaking numbers!”

Kelly B.
PPC / SMM Services

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