August 2022

What the first month of SEO achieved for Lux Developments

What can we accomplish in the first month of SEO for this home developer?

Goal 1

Get more clients, especially for basement reno's.

Goal 2

Maintain top rankings in the basement development market locally.

Rankings Gained

Result 1

New Keywords

Result 2

Month 1 - Massive Ranking Increase

Have a look at the "Change" column. This represents how many keyword positions each keyword has increased. The "New" represents keywords that we're not previously ranking top 100. Fantastic results for just the first month of SEO.

With this much improvement in just one month, which is typically a month that is less aggressive and works more on the foundation of a website, we're expecting some big results in month 2 and 3.

Month 2 Update

Coming Soon

Month 3 Update

Coming Soon


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