Graphic design / Animation

Graphic Design & Animation.

With the digital market growing more than ever, the average consumer is exposed to as many as 15,000 advertisements a day. At Up Digital, our team will help your brand stand out from the crowd. Contact our professionals today to create visual content that communicates your vision and message to your audience.

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Creating value through unparalleled design

Build your brand from the ground up.

Choosing the right company for your graphic design / animation service can help you achieve your marketing goals in record time.

1. Logo Design

Being the main face of your business, a logo should reflect your company in a simple and easy to digest graphic, with future branding in mind. Our team will work with your vision and create a brand with flawless precision for different mediums.

2. UX / UI

User experience and user interface is catered towards your users behavior and visual elements. Our team takes your platforms useability, usefulness, and desirability into account when creating the smoothest interactive product. 

3. Marketing Materials

Marketing materials focuses on digital advertisements and social media content. Our graphic design experts can create the correct content and graphics for your brand, in order to grab the attention of your audience.

4. Illustrations

Whether it’s a graphic you want for your website, an infographic or a something for a t-shirt, Up Digital will create what you have in mind for any medium.

5. Branding

We will work with you to create a color pallet and range of designs that works for your business. We will apply these colors and designs to things like paper, sheets and pads, envelopes. business cards and letterheads.

6. Animation

We offer a wide range of animations for your business. This includes lottie animations, HTML or CSS animations, motion graphics / video and interactive 3d environments.

the possibilities are endless

Any custom request.

Our skilled designers and animators are capable of a wide range of services not limited to custom requests! Following the latest 2021 trends we're skilled in a wide range of design services such as Lottie or animations on scroll. Contact us today for a free quote!

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